Past & Present


We have volunteer opportunities across the 4 programmes of the ENGF, including administration and support. Due to Covid-19 Lockdown Regulations, volunteers, like everyone, volunteers work remotely with minimum data subsidies.

Brief Roles & Responsibilities

Administration Support

All administration-related information filing, help with board meetings organising – liaising with board members, meeting logistics, prior, during and post each board meeting.


Managing the ENGF communications, e.g. all social media platforms: managing and tracking visitors’ flow, comments, feed-back, issues of clarity, advise the organisation of course of action and areas needing improvement; identify and suggest relevant issues, talking to ENGF’s core business, to raise on the organisation’s daily (Monday to Friday) statuses on all its platforms (these will have to be signed off by the designated manager); keeping track on issues raised about the ENGF on all media platforms; Managing the organisation’s website, upload relevant and delegated information and documentation on weekly basis or when there is a need.


Seconded to one of the Foundation’s Programmes depending what her strengths/interest and or experience is; guided by the above, the volunteer is allocated to one or two of the GBV National Strategic Plan Pillars – attends virtual meetings, reports to the organisation; attends to relevant global virtual meetings relevant to the Foundation, e.g. Girls no Brides meetings; takes initiative to research about possible opportunities that will contribute to the growth of the programme assigned to her/him; responsible for success of webinars hosted by her/his programme.

Become a Volunteer

Sign up with ENGF

Potential volunteers are expected to approach the Foundation by signing up, and sending their brief CV’s and a cover letter expressing her/his area of interest. Volunteering at the ENGF is scheduled for 1 year per volunteer, depending on performance, volunteers are given priority when a permanent position from her/his current programme becomes available.