Chairperson, Ms Gysman, addressing Sunset Rotary Club, Makhanda, Monthly Meeting about ENGF work.

After discussing issues of SRHR and adolescent girls and possible areas of collaboration, the ENGF Chair and the Deputy Principal of TE Mrwetyana Public School, Ms Lungsie Tambo, decided to take a quick picture.

Catching up with the Managing Director of the Grahamstown Building Society, while waiting for the Rotary Club, Makhanda Monthly Meeting to start.

Website: ISANGQA 3rd Edition Loading; our Chairperson, greeting one of the next edition contributors: Ms Busisiwe Mavuso, after delivering a lecture to the 9th Archbishop Thabo Makgoba Development Trust at Rhodes.

Isangqa our 3rd Edition loading: ENGF chairperson, with the Head of Rhodes University Professor Owen Skae, after a fruitful meeting.