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4th Edition of

Isangqa Newsletter

3rd Edition of

Isangqa Newsletter

Voices and Choices.

Isangqa Third Edition Contributors

2nd Edition of

Isangqa Newsletter

“Pondering Criminalisation of Child Marriage.”

Second Edition

Concept Note

‘can child, forced, under-age marriage be classified as a form of gender-based violence against girls?’

Isangqa Second Edition Contributors

Drum Article

By Siya Tsewu

“Foundation sounds alarm on cases of ukuthwala still being practised in rural parts of South Africa”

Shakira Choonara

#Thought Space: A Mandela Day Feature on Nomkhitha Gysman Leading Action against Ukuthwala
1st Edition of

Isangqa Newsletter

“A circle has no beginning and no end – the circle represents continuity and a sense of community.”

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