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About Us

The Eugenia Nothemba Gxowa Foundation (ENGF) is a women’s rights non-profit organisation established in May 2020. Its purpose is to ensure that in reality the girls and young women of South Africa do enjoy the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Vision Statement

The ENGF envisions a safe and secure South Africa, where young women and girls can realize their full potential and enjoy their rights as enshrined in our Constitution.

Mission Statement

We are a women’s rights non-profit organization working in South Africa to eliminate gender-based violence against young women and girls (GBVAW/G), especially child/forced marriages (‘ukuthwala’). We do this by collaborating with interventions and organisations, specifically community-based women’s organisations that seek to eliminate GBVAW/G. To this effect we conduct research; produce and apply knowledge; engage men and boys as allies; and mobilize support and resources for victims of child/forced marriages in particular and GBVAW/G in general.


The ENGF policies and practices are guided by the following values:


As members of the ENGF we are accountable for all our actions as individuals and as a body to the Foundation, its collaborating partners and the participants in the Foundation’s programmes.


The Foundation’s policies guide our actions and everything we do is  done openly and transparently.


The Foundation’s work is conducted professionally  and efficiently.


The Foundation’s members adhere to high moral standards and act with honour and integrity.


The Foundation continues developing and improving upon its existing policies and practices.


The Foundation’s members exhibits leadership qualities in all that they do — including in situations that call for difficult decision-making.


The Foundation and its members promote inclusivity across the intersecting lines of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability, age, language


The organisation’s primary objectives are to:


Produce knowledge concerning the extent of, and issues surrounding, child / forced marriages (ukuthwala) as well as instances of gender-based violence against young women and girls (GBVAW/G) in South Africa.


Initiate, support and collaborate with interventions that seek to curtail and support victims of child / forced marriages in particular, and GBVAW/G in general.


Collaborate with men in leadership positions in South Africa (who are able to influence societal norms, values, attitudes, and practices) to advocate against GBVAW/G in general and child / forced marriages in particular.


Collaborate with and build the capacity of women's community-based organisations that respond to GBVAW/G in general and child / forced marriages in particular.

Legal Status

The ENGF is a Non-Profit Organization registered by the Department of Social Development
Registration number: 249-217NPO
CIPC Registration number: K2021839156

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